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Date of article: 19 July 2010
Last updated: 19 July 2010

Access your SMSF online through Premium SMSF service, a full admin SMSF service

Don't wait for monthly or quarterly report. Get secure online web access to up-to-date timely information about your SMSF's investment portfolio and details of investment income based on prior day's market close prices - for example, listed securities are revalued daily after close of business.

View online:

  • up-to-date snapshot of your SMSF's investment portfolio. Investments that are ASX listed are valued at prior day's closing price
  • historical investment portfolio at market price on a particular date
  • view investment income and expenses
  • member details and benefits, including estimated benefits on a particular date
  • generate on-demand allocation of asset report and comparison to customised asset allocation strategy.

More information and contacting us

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