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Premium SMSF service

An integrated full service SMSF administration and accounting, taxation and audit service, with a 24/7 access to essential up-to-date information via a standard web browser.

Don’t wait for monthly or quarterly report. Get secure online web access to up-to-date timely information about your SMSF’s investment porftolio and details of investment income based on prior day’s market close prices - for example, listed securities are revalued daily after close of business.

What we will do

Here's what we will do:


Because we do the administration and reconciliation of your SMSF's transaction data daily, you can have at your fingertips your SMSF's up-to-date accounts.

The enable us to provide you with relevant information, provided to you via a secure online access.

View online:

How it works

To get data into the system quickly and efficiently, data are provided by the bank or share broker by authority that feeds directly into the system. The data is generally provided overnight and reconciled the next working day by Superannuation Accounting Services.

You continue to receive all your bank statements, trade confirmations and other fund related documents directly form the bank or broker.

Annually, the financial year-end accounts, audit and taxation return are prepared.

Secure online web access screen shots

A snap-shot view of the SMSF’s assets, liabilities, member’s benefits and a quick graphical overview of the SMSF’s asset allocation that is based on prior day’s ASX close price. (Click on image for larger view)

A view of the investment portfolio that provide detailed information on the investment holdings - prices are based on prior day’s ASX close price. (Click on image for larger view)

View actual asset allocation of SMSF’s investments and compare to the SMSF’s strategy. (Click on image for larger view)

View member accounts and entitlements. (Click on image for larger view)

More information

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