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Why use our services

"End-to-end services to effectively manage your clients' superannuation - from set-up of self managed superfund to fund accounting, taxation and compliance."

Set-up self managed superfund

When establishing a new self managed superfund, it is crucial to ensure the superfund is establised properly. Because we only do self managed superfunds, you can be assured that we are very good at it.

Our superannuation trust deed are drafted to provide maximum flexibility, while complying with all prevailing superannuation laws.

Using our set-up service will ensure that a new self managed superfund is up and running as soon as possible without any fuss. Superannuation Accounting Services will attend to the registration of the self managed superfund with the Australian Taxation Office to make the election to be a regulated fund. Once registered, you can commence the process of rolling-over your client's existing superannuation into the self managed superfund.

Fund accounting, tax and audit

Self managed superfund is a highly specialised area. The preparation of self managed superfund financial statements require specific knowledge, expertise and skill in the area. Fund accounting and reporting is unlike other areas. The team at Superannuation Accounting Services are qualified accountants with expertise in self managed superfund.

Superannuation Accounting Services has in place rigorous internal processes and procedures which ensures quality services is delivered every time, and all the time.

Our charges are on a fixed fee basis - meaning you know in advance the costs to your clients' superfund. We are able to keep our fees low because we have the specialised knowledge, expertise and skill. Because all our accountants possess these specialised knowledge, expertise and skill, there is no upskilling or familiarisation at your clients' expense. In fact, because we only do self managed superfund, we get very good at it. This translates into our ability to keep our fees low.